7 December, 2022

Buluma spills the beans

Buluma, has revealed dirty dealing in the fuel supply contracts

SPC implicated

Revelations on allegations concerning fuel deals at NOCMA have implicated Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Colleen Zamba as the brains behind the dubious contracts.

Appearing before parliament’s Public Appointments Committee – PAC, former NOCMA boss, Hellen Buluma, revealed that Zamba was pressuring her into awarding fuel supply contracts to a list of companies without following procedures.

The meeting gave Buluma room to clarify and give a detailed account of the points she raised as reasons for quitting in her resignation letter.

In one of the deals, Buluma was forced to allegedly involve a person identified as ‘Chief’ from Nigeria and a Malawian based motivational speaker, Evalista Kamwangala.

Buluma gave an account of how she was forced into some meetings with some suppliers by the board chairperson.

Zamba, has been implicated in the dubious oil deals

She reveals she was called by the board chair to attend an urgent fuel supply meeting which had the MERA CEO Henry Kachaje, Immigration Chief Brigadier general Kalumo, a Dr Chaima from the ministry of trade, Secretary to the Treasury(ST) McDonald Mafuta Mwale, and some gentlemen believed to be interested potential suppliers who were to supply on local currency basis.

“ I dashed there they said kuli supplier kunoko atipatsa mmakwacha bwerani nsangansanga, dashed there I went into the board room and in that meeting I saw people one sort of  Asian man and another guy, South African I think he introduced himself as a such,” Buluma explained.

She however expressed surprised at the composition of the people in the meeting considering it was a fuel supply discussion.

“There were discussions around how they were going to bring in the fuel and I said we need to have a process and I shared the process that we do when it comes to fuel in Malawi, and they said Nonono, that’s going to take too long, we will do the fastest for us to bring the fuel.

Buluma went to share that “And then what got me surprised is when they said how are we going to share the profits?”.

This prompted her to ask Kachaje, and the ST, on what the gentlemen meant on the profits, both expressed ignorance citing they did not know anything as they were also just called to the meeting.

Zamba was supposed to appear before PAC after Buluma’s session.

However, the SPC/Board Chair did not avail herself for the inquiry hearing.

PAC Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo indicated that she did not receive any formal excuse.

Chitsulo has since disclosed that they will have to engage the Legal Affairs Committee on the way forward.

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