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30 November, 2023

Buluma, has revealed dirty dealing in the fuel supply contracts

.Zamba and Board maintain Buluma

.Ombudsman reports board to Parliament

The Malawi Law Society-MLS is describing as open defiance the decision to maintain Hellen Buluma as NOCMA deputy CEO despite recommendations for her to be fired for unprocedural recruitment.

The board through its Chairperson Colleen Zamba has stressed that Buluma will be maintained until the expiry of her four-month contract.

According to Zamba, she will be paid her terminal benefits including gratuity following the ending of her three-year contract in August.

The above factors are directly contravening the recommendations nad determinations of the office of the Ombudsman on the matter, as it was recommended that Buluma be let go without her terminal benefits as her recruitment was procedural and was regarded as never took place.

Commenting on the issue MLS honorary secretary Crispin Ngunde states that any person who is not satisfied with the determination of the ombudsman can apply to the high court for such a decision to be reviewed.

Ngunde stresses that the law empowers the ombudsman to ensure that her decisions are complied with as under section 124 she can initiate contempt of court proceedings before the high court against any person or authority for non-compliance.

Political analyst George Phiri has since highlighted that disregarding the ombudsman determination will render the institution irrelevant.

Phiri, has stresseed the need for the authorities to respect the rule of law.

In response to the NOCMA Board’s decision, Ombudsman Grace Malera has reported the Zamba and her Board’s conduct of noncompliance to Parliament and the Cabinet as stipulated in section 9 of the Ombudsman Act.

“I have accordingly transmitted a report of noncompliance to the stated authorities for further actions,” states Malera in the latter.

The ombudsman has also questioned the SPC in her capacity as chairperson of the NOCMA board for convening a meeting on this matter despite the board having been dissolved by the time of meeting.

Malera has since copied the report of Noncompliance to the Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda.

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