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18 June, 2024

Mzimba mass grave raises questions on Malawi’s immigration policy

The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) is questioning the effectiveness of the country’s immigration policy following the discovery of a mass grave where some undocumented immigrants were buried.

The remains of 25 people who are allegedly Ethiopian nationals have been exhumed from a grave located within Mtangatanga Forest Reserve in Mzimba.

Police say all victims are male aged between 25 and 40.

Official records indicate that a majority of migrants who are caught in Malawi use the country as a transit point with their final destinations mostly being South Africa, Europe or the US.

This year alone, 221 migrants have been intercepted and 186 of them were Ethiopian nationals.

Commenting on the matter, Executive Director for the CHRR Michael Kaiyatsa suggests that the laws be reviewed and check if they are being adhered to.


A former diplomat Ziliro Chibambo, is cautioning the Malawi government to be extremely careful in how it handles the discovery of the mass grave.

Speaking to Capital FM, Chibambo insists that the issue of their identity must be verified to ensure that there is dialogue between the two countries.

He stresses that once their identities are revealed; it will be up to their governments to decide whether or not to commence repatriation processes.

National Police Spokesperson Peter Kalaya has since indicated that investigations are continuing to determine the cause of death.

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