4 February, 2023

Sesame farmers cry for markets

Sesame growers in Karonga are pressing the authorities to establish formal markets to counter Tanzanian vendors who are exploiting its trade.

According to the farmers, the prevailing high demand is proof enough that Sesame has potential to transform the economic status of many smallholder farmers.

They, however, insists that lack of a well-established market, let alone links to outside markets, demotivates them from scaling up production of the crop.

Some growers have told the Malawi News Agency that an acre of Sesame produces an average of fifteen 25 kilogramme bags that can fetch a cool 250,000 on the market.

While admitting the absence of a steady market in the district, director of agriculture, environment and natural resources in Karonga, Raphael Mkisi, insists the council is doing all it can to link farmers to sustainable markets.

At least 1,700 hectares of land in Karonga is utilised by over 215 farmers to cultivate Sesame – a drought and heat tolerant crop that is used in the production of edible oil and various health products.

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