Post abortion care cases high in Rumphi – Capital Radio Malawi
22 July, 2024

Post abortion care cases high in Rumphi

Health authorities in Rumphi have expressed concern over the growing number of girls and young women who seek post abortion care in the district’s health facilities.

Speaking at a meeting between area development committees and the Family Planning Association of Malawi-FPAM, post abortion care coordinator for Rumphi District Health Office, Tereza Mahomed revealed that her office registered 448 post abortion cases in 2021.

Out of the 448 cases, 105 involved girls aged between 10 and 19.

According to Mohamed, the figures are swelling due to the current law which criminalizes abortion and the high number of sexually active youth who do not use contraceptives.

Reacting to the same, Quality Assurance Officer for FPAM, Chimwemwe Kapyola emphasized on the importance for people especially women to understand the current law on abortion and available post abortion care services in order to save lives.

Kapyola is of the view that current restrictive laws force women and young girls to indulge in unsafe abortions which in some cases lead to loss of uteruses and preventable deaths.

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