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13 June, 2024

Uncertainty surrounds 2022 Tumaini Festival

Founder of the Tumaini Arts Festival Menes La Plume has expressed fear that this year’s edition may be cancelled.
In a letter to his followers and stakeholders on Twitter, La Plume has cited poor financial support for their resource mobilization campaign.
“Tumaini is a free festival, and we rely on donations from well-wishers to make it happen. With no funding this year, we are at risk of canceling the event. Therefore, we request that all well-wishers in the corporate and NGO sectors join us and help make this year’s fest possible,” he has said.

The Tumaini festival is a platform that brings together and showcases various talent within the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.
According to La Plume, since its inception in 2014, this year is the first time for them to be facing challenges in generating resources with an unsuccessful annual Crowdfunding.
“We did our best, but the campaign did not reach its target,” he says.

La Plume has gone on to add that “We know that this year has been more difficult financially for everyone; we can’t be grateful enough to the 49 friends who contributed to support the festival; we really appreciate your love,” La Plume adds.

This year’s festival plans are coming at a time there are heightened calls for some of the refugees and asylum seekers to return to their home countries, especially where peace has been restored.

There have been concerns that the refugee camp is now overcrowded, as it is hosting more than its recommended capacity.

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