EGENCO intensifies Nkula maintenance works – Capital Radio Malawi
22 June, 2024

EGENCO intensifies Nkula maintenance works

Part of the maintained equipment-Picture by EGENCO

At least 15 new intake screens have been installed at Nkula power station.

The Electricity Generation Company-EGENCO, is conducting maintenance works aimed at replacing worn out intake screens with new ones at Nkula Power Station.
To pave way for the works, EGENCO announced that effective the weekend of September 25, the public will be subjected to long hours in the dark on Sundays.

The power producer has disclosed that a team of engineers, divers, welders and other support staff from all of their power stations carried out the maintenance works, between 7:00am and 16:19pm on Sunday.

Meanwhile, extensive blackouts continue, due to the absence of power from the damaged Kapichira station.

EGENCO is expected to carry out the maintenance works until the end of the month of October.

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