Illegal immigrants repatriated back to Ethiopia – Capital Radio Malawi
30 November, 2023

Illegal immigrants repatriated back to Ethiopia

Immigration authorities from the Central Region have repatriated 22 Ethiopians for illegal stay.

This brings the number of Ethiopians who have so far been repatriated to 193.

The exercise is being carried out with financial assistance from the International Organisation for Migration.

According to the Central Region Immigration spokesperson Sungeni Manguwo this is a continuous process which started last month and has led to the repatriation of 132 minors who were being held at a transit shelter camp in Karonga and Kachere young offenders prison.

Another batch of Ethiopians is expected to be repatriated early next month.

The repatriation initiative, according to Manguwo is being done to decongest the prison facilities in light of the Cholera and covid-19 pandemic.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services therefore reminds the general public to refrain from aiding and abetting illegal immigrants which compromises national security and the country’s socio-economic development.

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