3 October, 2022

Malawi President lobbies for increased funding in mitigating climate change impact

Chakwera wants developed nations to increase funding

President Lazarus Chakwera has called on developed countries to mobilise more funding to help Least Developed Countries (LDCs) mitigate the negative impact of climate change.

LDCs are the most heavily affected by the negative impacts of climate change despite many of them emitting the least amount of greenhouse gasses that have contributed to the vice.

Chakwera made the plea during the Green Climate Fund event which was part of discussion at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City, USA.

Writing on his Facebook page, Chakwera said, “I called upon developed countries to mobilise more funding to help LDCs mitigate the negative impact of climate change despite being at the bottom of the gas emission ladder.”

The Malawi leader made the call in his capacity as chairperson of Least Developed Countries.

In addition, Chakwera also invited partners to invest in industries that have a climate change management bearing such as the energy sector to help Malawi fully transition to a green economy.

Currently, the country which relies on hydropower is facing what may be best described as its worst energy crisis. This is mainly due to a lack of proper investments in the sector and damage to one of the main power plants which was caused by tropical storm Ana earlier this year.

During a similar panel discussion at the UN General Assembly, President Chakwera lobbied international partners to help transform Malawi’s agricultural sector through the use of climate-friendly technology.

The discussion was around mid and long-term investments in the agricultural industry in a bid to build sustainable livelihoods for our people.

“Malawi has chosen to be part of the global consensus that is determined to empower local communities in the post-Covid 19 era through structural adjustments around food systems,” Chakwera said through his Facebook page.

Issues surrounding irrigation and mechanisation have become the major focus with discussions with global partners.

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