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23 April, 2024

Consumers rights group wants Chakwera to seek help from intellectual Malawians

John Kapito

The Consumers Association of Malawi  (CAMA) is challenging President Lazarus Chakwera to assemble intellectual Malawians including the civil society to assist in finding lasting solutions to the numerous challenges facing the citizenry.

The remarks come as Malawians are grappling with a scarcity of forex and fuel, high unemployment rates, poor supply of electricity and high cost of living.

CAMA’s executive director, John Kapito indicates that the country’s economy has shown all elements of a failed state due to a number of factors such as poor leadership.

According to Kapito, the bright minds should include his government’s critics.

“The President has been advised on several occasions that he needs well experienced and knowledgeable team of economic advisers the current crop of his advisors,” explains Kapito.

He further underscores the importance of a strong leadership at a time that the economy is underperforming and hurting a lot of innocent consumers is unexpected.

“The President is hoping economic challenges in Malawi will be solved by miracles without doing anything then Malawi is completely dead,” Kapito says. 

He adds, “Mr. President take leadership of this economy and find solutions to stop the long queues at the fuel filling stations, long queues of people looking for forex, long queues of hungry people looking for food from closed ADMARC markets.”

Kapito has since challenged the Chakwera to act with speed to resolve the challenges urgently.

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