MERA, NOCMA attribute fuel shortage to social events in Lilongwe – Capital Radio Malawi
22 June, 2024

MERA, NOCMA attribute fuel shortage to social events in Lilongwe

MERA and NOCMA officials-cfm

The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has attributed the current fuel stock-outs in Lilongwe to among others, major social events like football and the Music event headlined by a Nigerian Musician.

Trailing queues have been the order of the day in most part of the central regions as, most stations have run out of fuel stocks.

The development has led to panic buying of fuel in service stations with available fuel stocks, especially in the capital city.

The situation is the same in Mzimba, Nkhotakota and Salima

Speaking during a press briefing in Lilongwe this afternoon, MERA Chief Executive Officer Henry Kachaje has disclosed that Malawi has been receiving slightly less fuel since January this year.

The MERA CEO has pointed out that the country has been receiving 75% of the fuel that is normally supplied.

He attributes the drop in the volume of fuel received to rising prices on the international market, as well as foreign exchange supply shortages, with a national supply deficit of at least 25%, which has been there since January this year.

Concurring with Kachaje, National Oil Company of Malawi’s (NOCMA) Deputy Chief Executive Officer Helen Buluma has attributed the low fuel imports to high fuel prices on the international market as well as foreign exchange supply shortages.

Buluma has also disclosed that the company releases 1 million litres of fuel on a daily basis.

In an earlier statement, NOCMA has given assurance that they continue to work with Government and other stakeholders towards ensuring the country has adequate fuel despite the challenges posed by the trends on the global oil market, the Russia Ukraine war as well as the challenges with foreign exchange.

Both Buluma and Kachaje are assuring the Nation that the stock outs will be dealt with by the close of business today.

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