Fighting in northern Ethiopia resumes months after humanitarian truce – Capital Radio Malawi
24 July, 2024

Fighting in northern Ethiopia resumes months after humanitarian truce


Fighting has continued to be reported in northern Ethiopia’s Amhara region – bordering Tigray – after a five-month humanitarian truce was shattered last week.

Tigrayan forces took the Amhara town of Kobo on Saturday after pushing southwards near the border. The army had earlier said it was withdrawing from the town to avoid the risk of a high number of casualties.

Residents of nearby towns and villages who have talked to the BBC say fighting has continued in the mountain ranges close by and the situation remain volatile.

Meanwhile authorities in Woldia and Dessie – the two major Amhara cities near the area – have imposed partial night-time curfews.

Ethiopian regional governments, including Oromia and the Somali region in the east have expressed solidarity with the army and the Amhara and Afar regions that are the scenes of the renewed clashes.

At the height of the war last year, various regions sent forces to the frontlines.

There are widespread claims on social media that Tigrayan borders with neighbouring Eritrea could also see the return of active fighting.

Senior Tigrayan official Getachew Reda has claimed members of the Ethiopian army’s eastern command crossed borders to join efforts with Eritrean allies.

The BBC has so far not been able to confirm any of these claims.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has not publicly spoken since the resumption of the fighting, has travelled to Algeria on an official work trip.

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