Africa swine fever kills 78 pigs in Mzimba – Capital Radio Malawi
19 April, 2024

Africa swine fever kills 78 pigs in Mzimba

The M’mbelwa District Council has banned the movement, slaughtering and sale of pigs to control an outbreak of African swine fever.

The outbreak has largely hit the southern part of Mzimba district in the past two weeks.

The Council’s Director of Agriculture Ezra Mbendera reveals that a total 78 pigs have died in Viwangalala and Khosolo Extension Planning Areas.

Mbendera says at least 2,846 pigs are at risk of being infected and die in the affected areas.

He explains that farmers have been advised to keep their pigs penned at all times.

A pig farmer of Khosolo area Sothini Lungu has lost 4 pigs in the past 5 days to the disease.

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