4 February, 2023

Police in Lilongwe are keeping in custody a 30-year-old pastor Juma Njera for indecent assault.

Lilongwe Police Spokesperson, Hastings Chigalu has confirmed the development to Capital FM.

According to Chigalu, the pastor is reported to have touched and inserted his fingers into the private parts of two sisters, claiming he is cleansing them from evil spirits.

The incident occurred at Maye in Nathenje, Lilongwe at the weekend.

It is reported that the suspect invited the victims, aged 24, and 17 respectively, to his house for special prayers, after he earlier prophesied to them that they were possessed with demons that need deliverance.

“On arrival at around, the sisters were first given a substance in the name of holy water to wash their faces for the demons to go out of them”, Chigalu explains.

Chigalu adds that the suspect then told the victims that the anointing water was failing to effectively work because the girls’ evil spirits entered them through their private parts, so there was need for special deliverance by physically touching the affected parts.

“The suspect then ordered the victims to remove their clothes and started inserting his fingers the girls private parts, one by one claiming that it was the only way the demons would be defeated”, adds Chigalu.

When he finished doing the same, the suspect escorted the victims home since it was dark.

However, after reaching home the sisters narrated the whole ordeal to their parents who later took them to Nathenje Police to report the matter, led to the arrest of the suspect who has since been charged with two counts of indecent assault.

He will appear in court soon to answer the charges.

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