4 February, 2023

Governance advocate calls on SPC to fire incompetent officers

A veteran good governance advocate, Undule Mwakasungula is tipping the authorities to fire incompetent officers implicated in the generation and submission of shoddy Cabinet Papers.

A leaked MEMO has registered Secretary to the President and Cabinet Coleen Zamba’s concern over the worrisome trend in various ministries.

In the MEMO, Zamba rebukes concerned principal secretaries for poor presentation of issues, illegible fonts and grammatical errors in their communications.

She has since warned that any substandard work will henceforth be rejected and sent back to originating ministries.

Meanwhile, critics are pointing out that the whole problem emanates from hiring people based on political connections rather than qualifications.

On his part, the veteran governance and human rights campaigner, contends that while refresher courses could help; there is need to fire and replace all incompetent officers with qualified ones.

“Honestly speaking, the performance of the civil service has been a big concern for many Malawians”, Mwakasungula states.

Mwakasungula has since suggested the need to build capacity of the responsible officials towards changing the narrative.

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