Malawi Elections: Police dispute claims of being hired to disrupt elections

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Law enforcers in the country have disputed claims that some party cadets have been hired by crooked politicians to posture as police officers on the day of polling.

Speaking to the BBC’s Focus on Africa, Malawi Police Spokesperson, James Kadadzera maintained that he is not aware of the claims.

He however, reiterated that the police efforts will be supported by the Malawi Defence Force in a bid to tighten security.

But responding to whether the police is investigating the claims, Kadadzera insisted that such are mere social media assertions and challenged all concerned stakeholders to verify any rumours with the inspector general’s office.

Meanwhile, police have issued an appeal for members of the public to report any suspicious activities in their respective areas.

In a bid to ensure maximum security and keep alert of acts that may spur violence, ahead of and on poling day, the Malawi Electoral Commission has deployed an unspecified number of security personnel in various parts of the country.


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