Corruption still a setback for the Mutharika administration

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Corruption has become a major issue in this year’s tripartite election with critics stressing that it could cost President Peter Mutharika the presidency.

Malawians go to the polls tomorrow to vote for ward councillors, members of parliament and also a head of state. Voting in polling centres is expected to start at six in the morning.

Opposition parties  argue that high-level corruption has worsened since Mutharika  became president five years ago.

Mutharika himself got sucked into an alleged bribery scandal but he was cleared by the country’s anti-corruption watchdog.

Nearly MK3 billion from a businessman embroiled in a contract controversy with the Malawi police found its way into a Democratic Progressive Party bank account to which the president is the sole signatory.

Mutharika always denied any wrongdoing and returned the money.

And while all the parties agree there is need to mechanise farming, the opposition parties say, if elected, they will discontinue the government’s controversial farm-input subsidy programme and replace it with a universal subsidy system.

The opposition parties argue the farm-input programme is fraught with corruption, costly, poorly managed and does not benefit the intended recipients.



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