PAC condemns police over delays in acting on MHRC recommendations

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The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is exerting more pressure on the police chief to arrest five police officers over the death of Buleya Lule.

The five, who include senior officers, are Paul Chipole, Ikram Malata, Evalista Chisale, Ronnex Kapesa and Mervin Gama.

This follows a recommendation by the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) in a report on the matter.

The MHRC further recommended that four other unnamed police officers who escorted Lule to court also be subject to criminal investigations.

Lule died in police custody in February this year, after being arrested in connection with the disappearance of a boy with albinism in Dedza district.

He died hours after appearing in court and a post-mortem report indicated that he was strangled to death. His death attracted widespread criticism from the public and human rights activists who believed that Lule was murdered so the case would not progress.

Speaking to Capital FM, PAC Spokesperson Peter Mulomole condemns delays by the police to act on the recommendations made in the MHRC report.

He says, “The police promised the nation that they were setting up an internal committee to investigate the matter, we are expecting them to come back with results because they need to be a good example.”

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition Timothy Mtambo has vowed not to give on pushing for justice on the matter.

In response to this, National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera discloses that the Inpector General of Police has put in place a task force to investigate the circumstances that led to the death of Lule.

Kadadzera assures the public that whatever will come out from the task team will be whatsoever is on the ground.

He has however not given details as to when the team will make public its findings on the issue.



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