Malawi Police tighten security ahead of elections

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All the country’s security enforcement agencies will be involved in ensuring national peace as citizens go to the polls on Tuesday, next week.

This has been confirmed by the Malawi Police Service.

The national security system is made up of the police, the military, prison services and the immigration department.

One of the key elements to ensuring peace and order during and after elections is an effective security system.

In previous elections, MEC mainly used the police for security in polling stations and other places where electoral materials were stationed.

“We are ready; we already communicated that the police will be supported by officers from the Malawi Defence Force, officers from the Immigration Department and officers from the Malawi Prisons Services, said James Kadadzera National Police Spokesperson.

“So we are ready and will provide the needed security to Malawians before, during and after polling and to defuse political tensions if they may occur,” Kadadzera added.

Kadadzera: We are ready to serve Malawians

The Malawi electoral commission has since announced that voting on May 21 is to take place in its official 5002 polling stations across the country.

MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah has justified the involvement of the other security agencies.

“The Malawi Police Service is able and cable and is doing great work  but as it has always happened not only here in Malawi but elsewhere, the police  force is not enough to cater for everything, for all the security during election time,” Ansah disclosed.

This means all these security enforcement agents are likely to be deployed in all the stations and other places where security is needed

However, the police are keeping a tight lid on the numbers of officers to be deployed in the polling stations across the country.

They (police) have tightened security around the country with an aim of containing possible political violence and tensions as the campaign period nears to a close.

Different political parties have intensified campaign in a bid to make use of the remaining days.

With only 3 days left till the campaign period officially closes, there seem to be tensions rising in various areas emanating from personal debates on the polls.

The development is leading to increased cases of various political groupings crossing paths as they make their whistle stop and door to door campaigns.

“We have deployed security personnel in various locations to stand guard in case of violence, in case there is simmering violence,” Kadadzera assure.

Meanwhile, spot checks by Capital FM have found that some police officers have already been deployed to some polling centres where they have been camping about two weeks now.



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