Malawi tourism industry still facing challenges

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The Malawi Tourism Council has disclosed that Visa Fee complaints, poor access roads and unstable power supply are among the key challenges tour operators report to the council.

The council, which was revived two years ago, has a membership of over three hundred and fifty across the country.

Visa in Malawi is considered to be one of the highest, compared to neighboring countries like Zambia which charges fifty dollars against Malawi’s seventy five dollars.

The development is considered to be an obstacle to the free flow of tourists into the country which is impacting on annual  earnings of hospitality players like lodges, hotels and tour operators .

The Malawi Tourism Council Membership and Communications Officer Tilius Phiri has hinted that the country’s earnings from the sector are bound to increase once this is sorted.

Currently Malawi earns two hundred million dollars from tourism, which is on the lower side compared to countries like Kenya which earns one billion dollars and South Africa which earns five times as high when compared to Malawi.

Former Minister of Industry Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa was however  quoted on many occasions saying that government will look into the visa issue.



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