Politicians advised to emulate Kamuzu’s standards

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A former cabinet minister under the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda is challenging the current crop of politicians to embrace high leadership standards

The views by Louis Chimango come as Malawians are today commemorating the Kamuzu Day.

Kamuzu, who led Malawi to independence in 1964 and then ruled for 30 years, died in 1997 at the Garden City Clinic in South Africa.

During his reign, Malawians were celebrating his birthday, and it was a public holiday.

There is an inherent controversial nature to the holiday, and it is no longer celebrated in the grandiose style that it was while Kamuzu Banda was still in office

Former president, the late Bingu wa Mutharika reintroduced the holiday in his first term

There is however heated debated as to whether the country needs to remember the life of Kamuzu as some commentators and politicians believe his dictatorial atrocities still haunt some citizens.

Speaking to Capital FM, Chimango maintained that serving under Kamuzu was a lifetime experience owing to what he describes as his unique leadership qualities which centred on high standards.


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