Red Cross Society sounds SOS for Cyclone Idai assistance

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The Malawi Red Cross Society is revealing that it needs over a billion kwacha to resettle people who were displaced by Cyclone Idai in the country.

Officials from the organization note that they had a budget of relatively 3 Billion Kwacha which was targeting 14,000 affected households.

President for Malawi Red Cross Society, Levison Changole, indicates that people affected need assistance mostly when they want to resettle following the shock in Chikwawa, Nsanje and Mwanza.

“We need a lot of money with regards the huge budget that was set. But as an organization we are grateful for the local and international organizations that are assisting us,” highlighted Changole.

Other areas of concern according to the organization are to do with health and sanitation where affected people are being provided with clean water through drilling of boreholes.

Another is shelter for those who need it and resilience to cushion the impacts of the shocks.

“It is impressive that a lot of people have now decided to move to new areas after being affected by the floods to avoid further occurrences of such and these are the ones who will require more help,” added Changole.

An organization that has recently assisted the Malawi Red Cross Society with monitory resources is University of North Carolina (UNC Project Malawi), to the tune of MK7,596,900.

Nearly a million people were affected by Cyclone Idai which heavily hit most districts in the southern region.



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