More than 40 million displaced globally

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A new report says 41 million people have been displaced worldwide in the last year, with conflicts in some African countries contributing significantly to that number.

The Global Report on Internal Displacement says this is the highest number of internally displaced people the world has ever seen.

The report says conflict, violence and disasters witnessed around the world last year have forced 28 million people to flee their homes to other parts of their own country.

This is an increase of more than a million since the end of 2017 and two-thirds more than the global number of refugees.

The highest numbers recorded are in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria where conflicts have been raging for years.

Ethiopia also tops the list of countries with nearly three million newly displaced people in the last year – most fleeing ethnically-fuelled violence.

Globally, natural disasters like tropical cyclones, monsoon floods, wildfires and drought have also triggered the displacement of millions in countries like China, India and Philippines.

“The findings of this report are a wake-up call to world leaders. Millions of people forced to flee their homes last year are being failed by ineffective national governance and insufficient international diplomacy,” said Jan Egeland, secretary-general of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

“Because they haven’t crossed a border, they receive pitiful global attention. All displaced people have a right to protection and the international community has a duty to ensure it,” added Mr Egeland.


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