Multichoice Malawi not threatened by Netflix

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Digital TV operating company Multichoice Malawi insists the growing popularity of streaming site, Netflix has not affected business.

Netflix is a site which beams TV series and movies and is accessible through monthly subscriptions. It has become popular across the world and boasts of earnings of about US$15 billion in 2018.

In the first quarter of the year, the site has managed to rake in 9.6 million new subscribers, reports.

Despite this, Multichoice Malawi’s Managing Director Gus Banda maintains that they are not losing out on the market.

“As Multichoice, we do not look at Netflix is a threat. To us, it is just an additional platform of entertainment for Malawians and we are certain that they remain loyal to Multichoice,” Banda said.

He went on further to add that they registered an increase in their customer base last year, but did not divulge more information in terms of figures.

Multichoice Malawi recently signed an agreement with telecommunications company TNM. The agreement will allow DSTV subscribers to buy customized internet bundles for the DSTV Now mobile phone application.




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