FAM yet to get communication from FIFA on Mwakasungula’s ban

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The Football Association of Malawi-FAM states it has not received a communication from FIFA on the banning of Hellings Mwakasungula from participating in football for the rest of his life.

The comment by FAM’s General Secretary Alfred Gunda comes as both Mwakasungula and the Silver Strikers General Secretary Lawrence Yobe said that they are waiting for FAM to communicate to them.

Yesterday, Malawi received news that Hellings Mwakasungula who was the Malawi National Football team midfielder has been banned from participating in anything to do with football.

According a document Capital FM has seen, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has found nine individuals – eight players/former players as well as one players’ agent – guilty of having been involved in match manipulation.

FIFA adds that the act is in violation of art. 69 part 1 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (Unlawfully influencing match results).

Mwakasungula has been quoted in the media as saying that he is waiting for official communication from FAM.

Capital FM spoke to Lawrence Yobe who is the General Secretary for Silver Strikers and he reiterated what Mwakasungula said.

“We got such information from social media so in the for the time being  we are taking such information as informal, we are waiting for the official communication from FAM who is our mother body, once we get that communication, we will be able to make appropriate decisions,” Yobe said.

The Gunda, however, says as FAM they have also not received the communication.

“Am yet to get that, and I will only start responding with due respect to any of the media issues after I get that. Am following up and if there is any latest news I should be able to get it and from there I can start making comments,” Gunda stressed

However, Capital FM has been tipped by a reliable source that Mwakasungula has received the message from FIFA.

The source has revealed that in such circumstances, FIFA communicates directly to the affected individuals and they cannot put information to the public before alerting the concerned people.

Other people who have been banned together with Mwakasungula are Karlon Murray from Trinidad and Tobago, Keyeno Thomas from Trinidad and Tobago, Ibrahim Kargbo from Sierra Leone, Kudzanai Shaba from Zimbabwe, Séïdath Tchomogo from Benin, Leonel Duarte from Cuba and Mohammad Salim Israfeel Kohistani from Afghanistan

Moreover, the Kenyan player George Owino Audi has been banned from taking part in any kind of football-related activity at both national and international level (administrative, sports or any other) for a period of 10 years.



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