Mozambicans flood Malawi flood camps

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Malawi is struggling to provide adequate relief items to people affected by flood disasters due to the invasion of Mozambican nationals in the evacuation camps.

These are camps set by the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) in areas hit by heavy rains which triggered floods last month.

Over 800,000 people are living in camps after their houses and property were swept away during the disaster mostly in the southern part of Malawi.

59 people died, while 577 others were injured during the disaster most of them in flood prone areas in the Lower Shire Valley district of Chikwawa.

Weeks after the Malawi disaster, Mozambique was hit by Cyclone Idai which has killed over 500 people and displaced Millions, forcing others to seek refuge in Malawi settlement camps.

Harris Kachali who is DoDMA’s Director of Disaster Response and Recovery confirms the encroachment of Mozambicans in Malawi flood evacuation camps.

“Our department is aware of the presence of Mozambicans in camps, in Nsanje district. So we will accommodate them, but we are constrained in terms of relief support, that is why we are calling for more support” says Kachali.

“We will take care of Mozambicans because we are neighbours, and we are working together with the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide adequate support,” he adds.

Malawi now needs an additional MK22 billion which is equivalent to US$270 million to adequately provide relief assistance to the displaced communities in the next three years.

These people require permanent shelter, food and other basic needs, having lost everything during the disaster.


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