Masomphenya set to release ‘Apologia’ in May

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Local gospel Hip Hop artist, Masomphenya, hopes to release his long awaited album titled Apologia by the end of the month of May this year.

Masomphenya, real name Honest Kachaje, was initially supposed to release the project this month but has delayed because of technical challenges he has faced.

Masomphenya has told Capital FM that the technicalities are not too much as he narrated that it s only a matter of his producers mixing and tuning the songs in the album for a better product.

“Currently the album is in its final stage of production and I’m done with the recording so now the producer is just mixing and mastering it.

“Tentatively the album should come out around end April or early May,” he revealed.

Apologia is the artist’s studio album whose concept is giving answers to questions. The word ‘Apologia’ as explained by the young gospel hip hop star is a Greek word that relates to giving answers to a question and he hopes the album will follow the same line specifically on salvation and prosperity.

“There are instances where people wonder if God really cares; if He is a loving God and why He allows people to suffer instead of stopping all the evil in the world. Apologia tries to tackle these questions and give a biblical response to such mind throbbing questions,” Masomphenya further explains.

The Lilongwe based artist believes the album is well timed and has been in the making for a while hence encouraging his fans to look out for the project.

He hopes that apart from answering the mind blowing questions people usually have on the gospel, listeners will be challenged spiritually and intellectually as they will either praise God, the truth or hate Masomphenya for speaking the truth.

He has revealed that he has been working on the project for five years and among several other artists featured in the project is local musician Liwu.

Topics surrounding issues of judging others, miracle money, the difference between gospel and circular music are expected to form part of the album.

Masomphenya released his first debut album ‘Brought To Life’ in 2012 and two years later in 2014 he released his other most celebrated album titled Daily Issues.

He recently released a song off the yet to be released Apologia album titled Senza where he featured Saxess and dancehall artist Chrispine.


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