Professional women to find ways of  scaling up their potential

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Over 100 professional women from various sectors are this week expected to converge in a bid to strategise the means of scaling up women’s potential in leadership.

The deliberations are expected to take place at a three day conference which has been organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM).

“The whole idea is we want to scale up women’s untapped potential, as ii cam we have noted that there is a lot of untapped potential which has that is available and is not being made use of,” says the Francis Chinjoka Gondwe Chief Executive Officer for ICAM.

According to ICAM, they have broadened the spectrum to allow a more national approach to the challenges faced by women of different professions and not only those belonging to the accounting field.

“We are drawing up on the expertise of a number of professional women who have made it big in the society, we want to tap on their experience, so that they can share with women who aspire to become  great leaders who belong to professional associations, who are in business and we feel that this is the right forum for the women to share ideas,” Gondwe explains.

The women’s indaba is also expected to focus on issues such as how to break barriers in the digital world, closing the divide and confidence building just to mention a few High Court Judge Fiona Mwale is expected to be the main speaker at the conference which will be held under the theme, Scaling Up Women’s Untapped Potential.

The conference is expected to include presentations from top-notch women professionals such as Old Mutual CEO Edith Jiya, Financial Intelligence Authority’s Atuweni Juwayeyi Agbermodji,  Malaw Law Society’s Tadala Chikwenzule, Lusubilo Chakaniza of ETHCO, just to mention a few.



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