Foot and mouth disease hits Mzimba

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In an effort to contain the further spread of Foot and Mouth disease, The Ministry of Agriculture has issued a ban on the slaughter and movements of livestock around the Champhira extension planning area in Malawi’s northern region district of Mzimba.

These include cattle, goats, sheep and pigs.

It follows the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease which was first detected at Zion village in the district.

The disease is reported to have spread to other major trading centres including Jenda, Manyamula and Edingeni.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Agriculture, the government has also issued a ban on issuance of livestock permits and restriction of livestock and their products movement.

The statement further indicates that about 80,000 cattle remain at risk within the affected area and other surrounding areas.

Foot and Mouth disease is described as one of the most highly contagious viral disease which mostly affects cattle.

Its outbreak usually leads to scarcity of beef and other related products on the market.

Meanwhile, the ministry is revealing that it has intensified efforts to deal with the disease by providing vaccination and treatment to all affected animals.



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