Phalombe police intensify security of people with albinism

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Police in Phalombe have intensified operations aimed at protecting people with albinism by introducing door to door home visits as one way of ensuring that there is maximum security in the communities where albinos live.

In an interview on Friday, Phalombe Police Station Public Relations Officer (PRO), Innocent Moses said there has been a reduction of cases of albino attacks following interventions that the Police have been carrying out to sensitize communities against the persecution of persons with albinism.

“We have been engaging communities to sensitize them on the issue and we have also been holding night patrols in the communities, something that has created a secure environment for the vulnerable,” he said.

Moses added that the Police considered the home auditing initiative as a systematic tool that would lead to the eradication of suffering of persons with albinism.

“I am glad that the community has embraced this concept and people are happy to work with the police despite fears that they may be targeted by those planning to attack people with albinism,” he said.

“Additionally, the Police are mainstreaming messages to do with albino protection in various activities that they are conducting in the communities,” the PRO said.



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