Malawi Elections: Atupele Muluzi set to present nomination papers

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 President of the United Democratic Front (UDF) Atupele Muluzi and former Vice President Cassim Chilumpha are expected to present their nomination papers today.

According to a MEC schedule, Muluzi, who is currently the minister of health, will present his papers at 11am local time while Chilumpha will present I the afternoon.

Muluzi has been at the centre of speculations of a possible coalition with either Chilima’s UTM or the governing DPP, with which his party has been in a working relationship.

Chilumpha just recently pulled out of a very brief alliance involving the UTM, People’s Party, AFORD and the Tikonze People’s Movement (TPM).

On Wednesday Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima unveiled his running mate Micheal Usi who is popularly known as Maganya in the arts circles.

Usi haspreviously worked as the Country Director for ADRA Malawi and also championed a political grouping called Wakudya Zake Alibe Mlandu grouping.

The public later took to social media discussing Chilima’s choice of running mate. Though some praised him for choosing Usi others described his choice as poor and not well thought about fore being made.

Apart from the public political commentators also had varying views concerning Chilima’s decision.

After Chilima’s presentation on Wednesday morning, Ras Chikomeni David Chirwa was also scheduled to present his nomination papers.

Chirwa had attracted a multitude of supporters as he made his way to the COMESA hall in the commercial capital. The excitement was however short lived as it was later revealed that he was yet to pay his nomination fee and also had not secured the required amount of signatures.


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