Briton moved from Somali prison after razor attack

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Authorities in Somalia say they have moved a British detainee from a prison, where he had been attacked, for his own safety.

Anthony Cox, a private security adviser, was arrested at the airport in the capital Mogadishu after he was accused of failing to disclose prohibited devices in his possession.

Days into his detention, Mr Cox was attacked by two other inmates who, according to local media reports, lunged at him with razor blades.

Prison officials said he only received minor injuries as wardens stopped the attack following a tip off.

The British national was being held in Mogadishu’s central prison alongside jihadist militants belonging to al-Shabab and the so-called Islamic State. He has since been moved to police custody.

Mr Cox had been working for a private security company in Somalia before he was arrested attempting to leave the country two weeks ago, at the Aden Adde International Airport, for carrying suspicious luggage.

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