Chanthunya out on bail

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The Supreme Court of Appeal has granted bail to a murder suspect Misonzi Chanthunya, who allegedly killed his Zimbabwean girlfriend Linda Gasa.

Chanthunya is suspected to have committed the crime in 2010 and was consequently arrested.

In his ruling, Justice Dustain Mwaungulu stated that in criminal proceedings any person should not be detained beyond the custodial time limits or the permissible extensions without commencing trial.

Mwangulu highlighted that in this matter, when the lower court delivered its ruling on 4 June 2018 refusing applicant bail, the 90 day pre-trial custody time limit under section 161 A-J of the Criminal Procedure and  Evidence Code expired.

However, the court has ordered Chanthunya to pay 5 Million Kwacha non cash bond and provide five sureties.

He has also been ordered to appear before Blantyre Police Station every Monday and Friday every week.


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