APAM organises conference on albino attacks

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The Association of People with Albinism in Malawi(APAM) has organised a five day national stakeholder conference on the attacks and murders of its members, amid delays for the president to meet the association’s leadership.

APAM’s President Overstone Kondowe has reveals to Capital FM that the conference will be attended by country diplomats, NGOs and other stakeholders.

The death of a 54-year-old man with albinism Yasin Phiri prompted APAM to request a meeting with President Peter Mutharika.

According to APAM, to meet Mutharika, they were supposed to go through his advisor on local policies Hetherwick Ntaba.

Kondowe indicated earlier that they were to meet Ntaba last week but he has told Capital FM yesterday that there has been no progress in the planned meeting.

So while they are waiting to meet Ntaba, and then later on the president, they have organised a five-day conference which will take place in the lakeshore district of Mangochi.

As Malawi goes into the tripartite elections in May, the organization has expressed worry that the attacks on persons with albinism may increase.

Kondowe discloses that the conference has been organised to discuss ways in which persons with albinism may be protected ahead of these polls.

People with albinism in Malawi are attacked and abducted because of the mythical belief that their bones can be used for rituals.

President Mutharika on the 6th of January warned that the law will take its course on anyone found guilty of killing or abducting a person with albinism.

The Association however still points to the numerous cases that remain unconcluded.

They believe the lack of a proper track record, of punitive measures taken against the perpetrators, is fuelling the attacks.



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