Race to 2019 elections continues

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 The race to win the government among political parties continues to gather momentum by each passing day as they are about five months to the election day May 21, 2019.

Contesting political parties are coming up with new tactics to win the hearts of legible voters across the country.

However, political and social commentators hint that no political party will win the 2019 elections alone without partnering with another party.

So, how willing are these political parties to go into coalition as advised by these commentators?

Like any other race, if you turn your head to see who is behind you, you end up bumping into a rock and fall down.

All one needs to do is to keep running until the finishing line.

In politics, the rules can be different because if they see that they are not good enough to solely compete in the race, they can look back and ask for assistant from another political party through a coalition to boost chances of winning an election.

The election fever is apparent at the moment in Malawi’s political scene and parties are busy maneuvering for possible partners with potential to add power to their already existing energy and carry the day on 21 May next year.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party President Peter Mutharika is silent as to whether they are going partner with another political party or not.

In fact, it is alleged that the long one sided relationship they have with the United Democratic Front-UDF seems not to be working towards building a successful electoral coalition.

Sources within the party allege that sharing of positions is what is making this marriage fragile as the DPP wants to take all important seats and leave the less important ones to the UDF.

Series of meetings have been taking place between the two but the yellow camp insists the deal can be sealed if their leader Atupele Muluzi is made the second Vice President before the 2019 elections.

So this seems to be a dead deal in which the blue camp is now left with nothing but to either go solo or continue hunting.

Just four days ago, media reports indicated that Muluzi will go solo to the polls.

Turning to the old party and the country’s main opposition since 1994 Malawi Congress Party (MCP), they have been trying to negotiate with the youthful UTM leader Saulos Chilima as well as the former President Joyce Banda on a possible alliance but still nothing seems to yield anything.

For starters, the reverend cum politician Lazarus Chakwera want nothing less than to be President of this country.

The two, Chilima and Chakwera met two months ago to discuss if they can join forces but their meeting did not yield any fruits because later on Chakwera announced at political rally in Mchinji that they cannot partner with UTM.

It is alleged that Chakwera accused both Chilima and Mutharika of corruption hence no need to partner with people that are dented with evil deeds.

However sources that are close to both sides revealed that Chilima denied to be offered the position of Prime Minister after the 2019 elections hence turning down the coalition deal.

As of now both UTM and MCP are going solo to the elections.

Still more, the discussions that have been happening between Banda’s People’s Party (PP) and UTM seems to be yielding fruits as the two are now seen walking side by side.

It was observed at the UTM convention that PP officials received a warm welcome than any other political party.

It is yet to be seen however how a coalition between the two parties will be flames particularly because the UTM constitution states that the person appointed as presidential running mate shall automatically be the party’s vice president, a position that is not elected through an elective general assembly.

Looking at the events, each and every political party is not willing to form a coalition on the basis that aspiring presidential candidate’s feel they are fit to go solo to the elections.

Social and political commentators’ advice is that these political parties should reason quickly who they will go with to the elections before time catches up with them.



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