Malawi Parliament urged to increase budgetary allocation towards nutrition

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Parliament is being urged to consider increasing budgetary allocation towards nutrition.

The health minister Atupele Muluzi made the call when he delivered a ministerial statement in parliament titled Health in Malawi Beyond May 2019.

Cases of malnutrition and stunting are still on the rise in the country, a development which is said to be affecting national productivity.

At latest nutrition report UNICEF Malawi indicates that the rate of severe acute malnutrition admission increased by 36 percent in the past eight months, ending August. This applied in 104 Nutrition Rehabilitation Units and 611 Supplementary Feeding Program.

The report adds that Severe Acute Malnutrition death rate in the month of August 2018 was 1.6%.

Muluzi stresses that if there is an increase in the funding of nutritional programs cases of under nourishments can be contained.

Muluzi however pointed out that this can also be achieved if there are collaborating programs and initiatives in the agriculture sector that can support national nutrition.

The minister called for enhanced civic education on the right crops to focus on towards improving livelihoods at household levels as well as national level.

He cautioned against increased consumption of white cream of maize for nsima, which is said to be an empty type of food as it is not nutritionally sound.

Meanwhile 3,870 children aged 6 to 59 months with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) have received lifesaving treatment in the 619 Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP) centres in the country.



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