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Two Die In Malawi After Taking Alcohol On An Empty Stomach

Written by May 09, 2017

Two people in Nkhatabay have died after they took beer on an empty stomach.

The first incident happened at Chitheka area where a 42yr old man Daniel Kamugoti on May 5 2017 went to Mzuzu to sell timbers.

On his way back home, he stopped at a certain beer drinking joint where he started taking in some beers.

He didn't report back home and was found dead the next day in abush.

In a related development, 55 year, Michael Manda has also died after taking beer on an empty stomach.

On April 5 2017, the deceased after receiving his monthly payment at Kawalazi Estate engaged himself in beer drinking spree.

Later, he was seen very drunk and weak and his relatives took him home only to die on the way.

Postmortem in both incidents showed that deaths were due to hypoglycaemia secondary to taking alcohol on an empty stomach.

Hypoglycaemia is a condition when ones blood sugar (glucose) are too low.

Daniel Kamugoti hailed from Kasankha Traditional Authority (TA) Kaomba in Kasungu district whereas Michael Manda was from Chiwawa village, TA Kabunduli in Nkhatabay district.

In a bid to reduce such kind of deaths, police in the district through its community policing branch, will in the next coming weeks engage in sensiting people on the dangers of taking beer on an empty stomach.


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